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Grimsby and Cleethropes

The other day I went to Grimsby and Cleethorpes. Ian told me that it was crap but definitely he has no idea. Grimsby is great.

We went to the beach (Cleethorpes) and I don´t know why it reminds me to Miami Vice but without guys with white suits.

“Despacito” was played in the bars.... what made me feel like in my village´s festivals.

It was the best fish and chips I have eaten so far and apart from that Ian showed me another discovery of British cuisine: chip butty. But with wholemeal bread, which is what makes them so healthy.

But I have to say that as always, the UK does not cease to amaze me. I was ready with my bikini and when we arrived, the sea was gone, there was only the beach..... They explained to me why but I didn´t understand.

So in brief, if you like fish and chips and Miami Vice definitely you have to go to Grimsby.

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