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The other day I went to Newcastle, it is a very beautiful city with many brown buildings, I strongly recommend it. People speak in Geordie there and it is impossible to understand them. Geordies love the beach so what they have done is fill the city center with crazy seagulls (which poop all over the brown buildings) and put sand over the pavement next to the river to play Beach volleyball.

Geordies don't like using solar protection and they show off a very characteristic pink skin under the sun.

There is a building next to the river very similar to the old flour mill in Linares, but as these Geordies are cleverer, they have transformed it into a very interesting contemporary art museum. (BALTIC)

It is very curious that they love cows as well and they release them in the parks, exactly the same as in La Garza (Linares) but without fences.

Then I went to a village called something like “the mouth of Tyne” where there was a real beach. As it was sunny there were plenty of Geordies bathing wearing a T-shirt like on a Sunday.

I was with a geographer who carries out research in the Argentine Patagonia. He assured that when Georgies burp they make a noise very similar to what penguins of that area make (just a curiosity).

So if you like the beach you have to go to Newcastle and if you like penguins you have to go to Tynemouth, but of course, with a geographer.

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